Our Story

During two pregnancies I really struggled to find well made, comfortable maternity clothes that were not made of synthetic materials. Those I did find were poorly made, and designed to fit through pregnancy only. At the same time I had been reading a lot about the environmental impact of the fashion industry and was trying to shop more consciously, something I found really challenging when it came to maternity clothes. 

I had been thinking for a long time about a business model that gives back to appropriate causes; Wouldn’t it be amazing to create a maternity brand that gave back to maternal health initiatives?

...and so Art & Joy was born.

We have committed to donating 10% of all our sales to charity - by supporting Art & Joy you are supporting a new, more conscious kind of business. 

I set out to create beautiful, classic clothes that didn’t just have to be worn during pregnancy. They are designed to fit comfortably with or without a bump and have front access for nursing. 

At present we only use organic cotton - aside from the environmental benefits it’s better quality and kinder to your skin. Finding beautiful organic fabric has been the biggest challenge for me - despite its perceived popularity - it has been remarkably hard to find in the UK and finding the perfect material has taken months of research.  

I have absolutely loved developing and road-testing these clothes during pregnancy and nursing my daughter and I’m so excited by the future of this little company.

Thank you, Lotte x